Each repository and project has its own wiki. Consult those for technical information.


Miscellaneous .NET code and hacks that others would probably find useful.


A variation of the NEXUS case management system application, based on Windows Forms and MySQL.


Started as a side project during my university studies, this was going to be a case management system for malware analysis. The client application would be an interface to a MySQL server containing malware reports and cases. Data could be fed into the database from various OSINT sources and the Volatility Framework.


A C# application for manipulating TCP and HTTP packets. This is missing the pcap.net component for sending raw packets, so it manipulates only TCP and application layer packets.


This repo contains various Python scripts for an unfinished prototype application. The plan was to use SmartCards to store cryptographic data for VPN communications between healthcare sites.


Various Python scripts. Here you'll find examples of how to use various Python modules to extend core functions.


Front-end for the dd and foremost tools. Should be capable of providing a GUI for volume imaging and file carving over an SSH connection in the command line.


Demonstration of several JavaScript charting libraries. Here you'll find code for: