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Each repository and project has its own wiki. Consult those for technical information.

Articles are also posted here...

// Misc //

This repository contains miscellaneous .NET code and hacks that other developers might find useful. The wiki also provides some general reference material.

// NEXUS-CMS-Client //

This was going to be a case management system for malware analysis, an unfinished project I started as an undergraduate. The client is installed on multiple workstations in a malware analysis department, and is used for the submission, retrieval and updating of records on a MySQL server. Planned features included integration with Maltego Casefile and the Volatility Framework.

// NEXUS-Informatix //

A variation of the NEXUS case management system application, also based on Windows Forms and MySQL.

// PacketCrafter //

A C# application for manipulating TCP and HTTP packets. This is missing the pcap.net component for sending raw packets, so it manipulates only TCP and application layer packets.

// SmartCard-Communications //

This repo contains various Python scripts for an unfinished prototype application being developed as part of a university group project. The plan was to use SmartCards to store cryptographic data for VPN communications between healthcare sites.
This has become a placholder for my SmartCard research.

// Python //

Various Python scripts. Here you'll find examples of how to use various Python modules to extend core functions. The wiki will be updated to include information on modules used.

// XeroDrive //

Front-end for the dd and foremost tools. Should be capable of providing a GUI for volume imaging and file carving over an SSH connection in the command line.

// Chart-API-Tests //

Demonstration of several JavaScript charting libraries. Here you'll find code for: