Welcome to my GitHub site, where I post and maintain a variety of projects, along with miscellaneous code and documentation. Each project on this page has its own repository and wiki page.


This repository contains miscellaneous .NET code and hacks that other developers might find useful. The wiki also provides some general reference material.

Included in this repository:
  • ASP.NET MVC 5 hacks
  • HTML/JavaScript examples
  • C# application projects
  • Web Services, Web API and REST examples


This was going to be a case management system for malware analysis, an unfinished project I started as an undergraduate. The client is installed on multiple workstations in a malware analysis department, and is used for the submission, retrieval and updating of records on a MySQL server. Planned features included integration with Maltego Casefile and the Volatility Framework.

Packet Crafter

A C# application for manipulating TCP and HTTP packets. This is missing the pcap.net component for sending raw packets, so it manipulates only TCP and application layer packets.

SmartCard and Communications

This repo contains various Python scripts for an unfinished prototype application being developed as part of a university group project. The plan was to use SmartCards to store cryptographic data for VPN communications between healthcare sites. This has become a placholder for my SmartCard research.


Various Python scripts. Here you'll find examples of how to use various Python modules to extend core functions. The wiki will be updated to include information on modules used.

  • Qt Designer Project
  • Python Application Build and Compilation


Encryption plugin for Notepad++ that uses Bruce Schneier's implementation of the Blowfish cipher that accompanies Applied Cryptography. I have forked the original repo and modified PluginDefinition.cpp after discovering the plugin uses Blowfish in ECB mode.
The DLL here is the original, so the code must be recompiled to apply the fix.

Catholic Blockchain

Project started by Devin Rose to store Sacramental Registry as a blockchain. Currently using Node.js as the server, and JSON.


Front-end for the dd and foremost tools developed using Python and using the ncurses module. Should be capable of providing a GUI for volume imaging and file carving over an SSH connection in the command line.

Chart API Tests

Demonstration of several JavaScript charting libraries. Here you'll find code for:
  • amCharts
  • Highcharts
  • Chart.js
  • Smoothie.js
  • jqPlot